Easy Image Wallcover™ is a break-through development for printable wallcover and performs like no other! HP has qualified this digital print media because it has a luxurious textile-like finish that prints beautifully with HP Latex Ink. Easy Image is PVC-free, breathable, dimensionally stable and eliminates the need for conventional wallcover paste. It is backed with a patent pending adhesive system that reduces application time by up to 60% when compared to other methods of installation.


Installation is easy:

Easy Image, once applied to the wet wall, can be easily repositioned so that subsequent strips can be easily lined up to match the pattern or scene.

Easy re-positioning is very important. Problems with papers are well known. They are unforgiving, weak and tear, especially when wet. Fabrics are expensive, rigid and difficult to match patterns. Vinyl has an odor and is especially tricky when dealing with creases and bubbles. All too often the entire piece must be removed and reapplied repeatedly while fighting these issues.

Easy Image is dry-strippable under most conditions depending on the environment and applied surface.  If there are signs of separation or delamination, apply water to the front of the printed surface to allow the adhesive to reactivate which will allow for easier removal.


About the Substrate:

Easy Image Wallcovering is a highly engineered nonwoven. A nonwoven is a material that can be described as not being a woven fabric or a paper but something in between and it is certainly not a vinyl. Fabrics and papers have many limitations and are not as versatile as nonwovens. Nonwovens can be developed to perform many types of behaviors and take on many types of characteristics.


Simply spray the wall with water, then apply directly.

Quick, easy and clean.

Patent-pending adhesive system helps you deliver an amazing decorating experience for end users

Reduced application time by 60%

All fibres from sustainable managed forests

Carries a class A fire rating based upon ASTM E-84

Available in 50” x 100’ and 50” x 300’ rolls

Packaging & handling recommendations:

Humidity: For optimum performance minimize the exposure of unprotected material to warm and humid conditions as much as possible (<50% humidity, <23°C) is ideal.

Exposed material can begin to feel tacky after 10 minutes when exposed to humid environments. Dehumidifying or drying the material will render the sheets non-tacky

Packaging: rolls should be packaged and stored in a completely sealed polybag and/or stretch wrap to protect the entire roll (surface, edges, and core) from humidity.

Tension: For additional protection, use minimal roll tension when rewinding after printing (<1N/cm)

Easy Image Wallcovering is available from DaVinci Technologies in 50” x 100’ and 50” x 300’ rolls. These rolls have been properly prepared for printing, have been inspected, tested, and securely packaged.